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CASE STUDY – Mining & Cement

the problem

Vibrating tables are subject to some of the most demanding service conditions: strong repeated shocks and vibration. This is often the bottleneck of mining since the premature loosening of screens causes unplanned shutdowns. The unanticipated sieve replacement results in:

  • Reduced production throughput
  • A decrease in profitability
  • High labor costs
  • Higher warranty fees for the original equipment manufacturer if sieves are damaged before normal use time

The solution

Many customers have chosen ESL and ERM self-locking nuts for the operating performance, as well as for the ease and speed of maintenance.

One customer in particular needed the Gr.8 ERM 3/4 UNC nut with a striated washer that would ensure:

  • An easy first installation without seizing
  • The ability to loosen and tighten without completely unscrewing for quick maintenance
  • No damage to bolt threading
  • A washer with a holding capacity of more than 10,000 lbs of pressure


The benefits of our ESL & ERM self-locking nut for our customers were immediate:

  • The customer needed their first parts within three weeks. It took some effort, but the J. Lanfranco team took on a challenge. CAD files and drawings were submitted to the customer within a week, and the first 700 parts were manufactured and delivered within two weeks. The ERM nuts allowed the customer to make 10 on/off while respecting all the criteria. J. Lanfranco company allows the mining industry and equipment manufacturers to reduce unplanned downtime, increase production while reducing maintenance times.

About us

Founded in 1974, J. Lanfranco & Cie specializes in the manufacture of high-end self-braked nuts and safety fasteners. ESL and ERM have been on the market for more than 40 years, in the most extreme conditions.