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SEE THE CASE STUDY – Paper industry

The problem

Celulosa Arauco is a company dedicated to the manufacture of cellulose pulp paste and derivatives such as structural wood and panels. In their equipment, on the production line, they have a cooling tower. The permanent vibration of the tower was at the origin of the relaxation of the structure of the latter, which meant to stop the production while tightening the nuts.

The solution

To solve their problem, we recommended a more reliable option that would not affect their production line, as it would not be no necessary to stop manufacturing to ensure the safety of the cooling tower structure. We recommended an ESL M12 stainless steel.

Since the first installation, in May 2019 until today, the structure of the cooling tower has not suffered any damages by resisting constant vibrations.


The benefits of our self-locking nut ESL M12 for our customers were immediate:

  • The advantage of using an ESL M12 self-locking nut, stainless steel was instantaneous. They didn't need to shut down the factory to tighten the nuts and secure the tower. They have not stopped their production process. They saved time and manpower in this particular task that has become systematic.

About us

Founded in 1974, J. Lanfranco & Cie specializes in the manufacture of high-end self-braked nuts and safety fasteners. ESL and ERM have been on the market for more than 40 years, in the most extreme conditions.